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Welcome to Log it or Lose it, we design and supply training log books. Our best selling product the Gym Diary has helped thousands of people achieve their training goals. These diaries have been designed to be as simple, clean and concise as possible in order for you to get on with the job of training hard and keeping a useful log of your progress.

Size isn’t everything

Believe it or not, sometimes less is more! These diaries are compact, A6 in size (that’s basically a postcard) because who wants to carry a huge notepad around in the gym. This compact size will fit into your pocket easily, keeping the diary out of the way while you get on with training.

Built to last

Gym-Diary-openThe wire-bound construction serves two purposes. Firstly it allows you to leave the diary open on any page without it trying to close all the time. Secondly there is no ‘spine’ or staples to bend and break through continuous opening and closing of the diary.

When you consider that the Gym Diary has enough pages for a hundred workouts, durability is essential!

Combined Gym and Nutrition Diary

With the combined diary you can keep both your training and nutrition logs in one place. Each diary has enough pages for 50 training sessions and 50 days of nutrition logs.

The compact size and concise layout means all the information you need is at your fingertips when you need it.

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Gym Diary

This is a no nonsense weight training log book designed to help you keep track of weights, sets and reps.
First off is a page to log your weight, body fat and bodypart measurements. At the back of the diary are four pages for you to record the progress of each of these stats.

Inbetween is a hundred pages of training logs, that’s a lot of training.

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Food Diary

This compact A6 (postcard) sized Food Diary is designed for anyone who wishes to lose or gain weight, for athletes who need to monitor their diet carefully or even for bodybuilders while either on a bulking or cutting cycle.

Basically anyone who wants to record their nutritional intake.

Again, the diary contains enough pages for a hundred days of logging.

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