Gym Diary XL – A5 workout log book
Track even more

The Log It or Lose It A5 workout log book is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to record their workouts and monitor their progress. The A5 size is the ideal choice for people who want the option to track even more exercises, and have the option to make additional workout notes (cardio, mood, pre-workout, etc).

  • Clean Layout – Quickly and easily view your past sessions
  • You Can Do It – Motivational quotes on each page keep you going during tough workouts
  • Track Everything – Make additional workout notes (cardio, mood, pre-workout, etc.)
  • Wire bound and built to last! Our spines don’t bend or brake!
  • Enough pages to store 100 massive workouts!

This workout log is ideal for people that want to record their sessions and take advantage of progressive overload – Adding weight to the bar, increasing reps, or increasing sets are all excellent ways you can progressively add more volume – allowing you to advance forwards as you make consistent gains.

It can be hard remembering what happened in our last session – This can result in lifting less than the previous session, and going backwards instead of forwards. Invest in a notebook that removes all guess work, and allows for a methodological approach to your training. The Result? Consistent long-term results.

The Log it or Lose it A5 workout log book helps you to track those grueling, mammoth workouts. Start tracking and take your results to the next level – Grab one today!


Record even more information with the larger log book, twice the size of the pocket-sized log book. Now you can track those massive workout sessions, along with additional notes (cardio, mood, pre-workout, etc.)


Each page of this fitness log has enough space to store a maximum of 80 total sets – 16 exercises, and 5 sets per exercise! Plus, a column for rest time.


With a measurements page and 14 progress pages, you can record your latest measurements and monitor the progress you’ve made.